Unison Bank: stake on technologies

25 Mar 2013

unisonOne more bank became a player of the Ukrainian financial market. Its name is Unison Bank. Main areas of bank’s activity will be corporate and electronic banking.

Today the bank is ready to invest into IT-projects. Now three projects that were realized together with the CS Company came to an end.  Implementation of the B2 automated banking system, the iFOBS internet-banking system and the HRM&Payroll::eCSpert Human resources management and payroll preparation system were implemented in the bank.

Bank’s corporate clients will be able to appraise the most secure internet-banking – the iFOBS. The multilevel security system is used in the iFOBS system for clients’ money security. All active operations in internet-banking are confirmed by clients’ digital signature. Additional methods for transaction security are also provided – devices for one-time passwords generation, biometric identifiers, USB-tokens for secret keys storage.

B2 and HRM&Payroll::eCSpert systems gained reputation of efficient instrument for back-office operations automation  not only for banks with long-term history but also for young financial institutions.

“The only way to achieve and hold the client is to use the high-end IT-solutions. CS Company provided us with precisely that kind of solutions,” – Michael Gurevich, IT-director of Unison Bank comments.

About Bank

Unison Bank is a new universal bank at the Ukrainian market. Unison Bank is planning to work at all client segments of corporate and retail business. The wide range of bank’s services is able to satisfy every client’s needs. Using high-end technologies will enable Bank to develop remote and innovative channels of clients servicing.
Bank is planning to become “more than Bank” - a service company, consultant and partner. This fact will change usual clients’ opinion about banks and bank servicing.

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