[IBA::eCSpert – Internet Bankassurance System]

IBA::eCSpert – Internet Bankassurance System

IBA::eCSpert is the Internet Bankassurance System, designed for automation of selling insurance policies by a bank along with other bank products. The system also makes it possible to automate the process of selling insurance policies through other partner distribution networks.

Main features

  • on-line sale of policies under underwriting and non-underwriting programs
  • automated (provisional) underwriting
  • creation of up-to-date contract base
  • individual underwriting (medical, financial, technical)
  • communication exchange between a loan officer and an underwriter. In addition to information block containing client's data, every communication may have any attached documents
  • automated generation of all the supplementary documents required to sell a policy
  • creation and adjustment of insurance programs
  • adjustment of insurance conditions: rates, bonuses
  • generation of analytic extracts regarding the existing contracts
  • export of insurance contracts to Life Insurance System Automated (LISA)

Individual underwriting

Individual underwriting is performed through the exchange of communications between a loan officer and an underwriter. A communication may contain detailed client data used by underwriter to make an insurance decision, subject to assessment of all the insurance risks regarding the client in question. The result of underwriting may include bonuses, changes in the insurance program or even refusal of insurance.

Adjustment of conditions

The system provides for a flexible adjustment of insurance conditions for each separate bank. Gradual switch from one form to another makes it easy to adjust all the calculation rates.

Account management

The system provides for user account management based on the roles. Each role has a corresponding information block. Administration tool makes it possible to create, activate/block or delete users and manage the access to information blocks.

Web interface

Web interface provides an easy access to information from any computer connected to Internet and makes it possible to receive data on-line. A large number of preinstalled filters facilitate quick retrieval of the most requested information depending on the user role.

Export of insurance contracts to LISA

Upon confirmation of insurance premium payment, insurance contracts are automatically exported to LISA. The system provides for both automatic and manual export. Export parameters are set by the administrator in terms of export frequency.
The system can be integrated with other insurance automation systems.

Data protection

To protect data, there is a user authorization and authentication, as well as data transmission path protection.

Additional capabilities

The system's capabilities are not limited to bankassurance automation implemented by life insurance companies, but are sufficient, provided certain functionality perfection, to use the system for risk insurance companies.


The system has a multilevel architecture, which makes it scalable, reliable and fault-tolerant.

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