[CS BPM - Business processes modeling]

CS BPM - Business processes modeling

CS BPM – it’s a new, flexible and effective tool for banks’ business processes managing. Process Builder allows you to retrieve data from external sources, to build decision-making processes, to consider the possibility of lending, in particular, by carrying on the analysis of loan applications and routing them between the units of the bank. A vast array of homogeneous information placed in input - fast processing according to the rules of the business process - decision-making recommendations, or even the automatic decision received in output – that is the way how CS BPM works.

Areas of use

  • Routing of requests and payments
  • Decision-making and evaluation systems
  • Lending and integration decisions

Benefits for business

  • The Bank, according to its own needs, can determine a set of input data, set the business processes rules, reconfigure them without interfering with the main thread
  • Possibility to create a flexible script, different rules of data processing and almost instantaneous switching between different business processes 
  • Minimum time for testing and deployment on the commercial server

Main features

  • Efficient processing of incoming data
  • Possibility of obtaining additional information from internal and external systems
  • Dynamic processing and modification of data at the each step of the process
  • Modeling of business processes using BPMN 2.0 notation
  • Google Blockly visual programming environment
  • Communication between systems, services, participants
  • Effective monitoring and dynamic reconfiguration of the process

Visual Programming

The data processing rules are defined in a visual block programming editor, realized with the Blockly components.  

There is no need to possess special skills and languages to configure processing rules or refer to an external data source. To create a program the administrator "collects the puzzle," moves the picture boxes, and the system automatically translates the resulting image into executable code.

Monitoring and dynamic process changing

When setting the processing rules and routing data administrator has full control over the process and can test the every step in real time mode without affecting the already working processes.

CS Company is constantly expanding the capabilities of the solution to provide the bank with the most customer-configurable tool to build their own automated solutions that will conform to all the special aspects of business practices and will allow managing the changes in processes.

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