[System Administrating. Security]

System Administrating. Security

The modular structure ensures broad coverage of financial and management field, as well as the flexibility to create and configure new financial products.
In the basis of the structure there is the concept of continuous development and flexible capacity features.

Flexible system configuration

  • calendar settings, weekend planning, installation of the operational day
  • single point of access for administrators
  • system installation, setup of paperwork, processes and tasks if there are changes of the operational day status
  • infrastructure mechanisms for creating products and system development

Comprehensive system of security and audit

  • separation of powers and access rights, authentication and users authorization
  • user actions audit, monitor of system status, events and indicators
  • users target notifications of system status, separate subsystems, or on the results of monitoring, internal messaging system
  • authorization of transactions, two-phase administration: control and authorization changes of core data and system settings
  • system reliability: checking of the completeness and integrity of data, capabilities to perform operations, status changes of the operational day
  • support for fault tolerance – high rate of recovery after failures and errors in the system

System directories

  • 4-level organizational structure of the Bank
  • bank employees (department, position, ABS user ID , etc.)
  • exchange rates (unlimited number types of courses, courses for units, automatic courses updates, history of rate changes, courses exchanges for securities, etc.)
  • calendar: weekend days for countries and currencies
  • bank identification codes in different payment systems – international and local (loading and updating of reference)

The interaction of the head Bank, branches and divisions

  • work with divisions, remote sites/workstations by using client workstation JetB2
  • interaction of branches with the payment system and the head Bank through the internal payment system
  • limit management of divisions by the head Bank


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