[Transactions. Accounting Core]

Transactions. Accounting Core

Automate bank employees regular actions and minimize routine operations by means of effective built-in tools:

  • set comfortable accounting models
  • optimize the process of accounts opening and maintenance
  • route the payments
  • organize system workflow
  • control financial flows


CS B2 provides ample capabilities for managing accounts; optimize the processes of accounts opening and maintenance by means of:

  • business events automatic processing' tools
  • pass-through network of interaction between customers, accounts, products
  • flexible account management
  • reliable control mechanisms over account turnover
  • and many other capabilities

Our automation tools facilitate the work of the bank staff.


Clear organization of workflow and universal accounting modeling tools cover a constant need for corporate and private business service speed up.
Maximum automation and business processes improve increase bank efficiency and enables to assess advantages at all levels:

  • optimize the accounting and operational costs of the bank
  • quickly create, manage and archive large amounts of documents, reduce the number of manual operations
  • service delivery speed up and generation of products for clients
  • effectively control the correctness of operations performing and adjust operational errors in time

Key features

  • batch and individual generation
  • flexible document routing
  • document storage and processing
  • document correction and special processing
  • financial workflow - control of financial flows, powerful capabilities of verification, authorization
  • built-in analysis tools and document events logging


The most valuable factors when customers perform cash and non-cash transactions are - speed, highest reliability level and maximum convenience.
Unlimited capabilities of the B2 most popular banking services implementation - powerful technical basis for a potential increase of transaction volumes and qualitive development of banking business:

  • operations with cash currency and bank metals
  • non-cash transactions
  • cash service operations
  • bank cards service, interfaces with various card systems support

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