[B2.Regulatory – Formation of reporting]

B2.Regulatory – Formation of reporting

B2.Regulatory is a user-friendly interface for data preparation for statistical reporting generation. Flexible adjustment of the system enables to generate reporting files according to regulator requirements.

Business advantages

  • event interface of B2.Regulatory and external systems interaction enables not only to import the data, but also to establish the relations between the accounting entries and specific contracts, to calculate the parameters of analytical accounting
  • accumulating necessary contract information
  • mapping of each indicator's components in the detailed reports form. It greatly helps in data analysis if consolidated accounts are used in accounting
  • generation of reporting files including the history of parameter values changes of the client, contract, invoice
  • ability of NBU classifiers import and check of analytical parameters compatibility
  • ability to store the state of the database on the specified date. It allows to receive a file that is identical to the one sent to the NBU, with the ability of detalization of all its indicators at any time

Main features

  • userfriendly data marts of the system enables to see grouped infromation that reaches reporting files
  • developed standards structure with the multilevel nesting level of details enables to analyze the data to the level of the analytical account with parameters
  • system logs display the history of all user actions
  • mechanism of data consolidation from external systems enables to group data not only by the mathematical addition of the parameters values, but also by the logical consolidation of extended information
  • ability of procedures adjustment by means of the individual algorithms for specific bank operations processing
  • subsystem enables to sign all generated types of files by a digital signature as when they are generating from CS B2 data so when operating in different modes of consolidation and integration with external systems
  • additionally developed, flexible designer enables to set different rules for the annual statement items generating

CS analysts and developers hold an active dialogue with partners and the regulator in the course of daily work and the requirements implementation according to legislation changes. It ensures on-time implementation of the reporting files algorithm update and completely taking customers' wishes into account 

During the years of cooperation with a big number of clients a considerable experience was built up and a functional of integration with various external systems was developed.

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