[Express money orders]

Express money orders

Express money orders in online banking will expand the list of services offered to the customer by the bank. Besides when customers make transfers on their own it saves the bank teller’s or the branch manager’s time.

For providing operations with money orders in iFOBS online banking the bank needs to install the EMOS express money order system.

This system allows the bank to build its own internal system of express orders and to integrate it with international payment systems. The integration interface for online banking makes it possible for bank customers to do the following by themselves:

  • calculate fees for different international payment systems
  • make express money orders from accounts or cards
  • find money orders sent to them by the code
  • receive express money orders to accounts or cards

Some operations (for example, calculating fees and searching for an order) can be used in the module for customer acquisition (a potential customer calculates the fee in the mobile application and goes to send an order to the nearest bank branch which provided this service).

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