CBS B2 Dual Protection with Hideez

24 Sep 2020

[CBS B2 Dual Protection with Hideez]

Modern banking systems are closely linked to the use of IT technologies, hence the question of strengthening their security. 

Two-factor authentication is now considered one of the most effective methods of protection. The NBU decree obliges banks to use it while providing employees with access to the internal banking system.

CBS B2, a bank automation system by CS, implements two-factor authentication through different options such as SMS, e-mails, applications with OTP support, or hardware tokens.

Hideez Group is one of the new partners of CS in the field of information security. Its solution, a universal digital token Hideez Key, provides for a multi-factor authentication based on a one-time password (OTP) amongst other features. It is an easy and convenient solution for the financial industry, which can ensure a secure login process for bank employees.

Additional Authentication Benefits of Hideez Key

  • Auto-lock and unlock of the computer / tablet / smartphone with passwordless authorization
  • Easy and safe password management (up to 1000 passwords per device)
  • 2FA with a built-in OTP generator
  • RFID door lock
  • Authentication by proximity 













Use Case for JetB2 login

CS and Hideez will hold a joint webinar on October 7 at 11:00 a.m. to demonstrate the technology. 
CEO of Hideez Group, Oleg Naumenko, will discuss the methods of two-factor authentication and test Hideez Key's features in real time.
Webinar registration form:

You can learn more about the solution and its functionality on the company's website.

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