19 Feb 2013


Recently a new financial institution entered the Ukrainian banking market – PJSC CB FINANCIAL PARTNER.

The bank was created by the skilled financier – Rostislav Pavlichenko. Earlier he was a head of the EUROGASBANK and one of the founders of the BANK SICH. Both of these banks have been clients of the CS Company during several years and successfully used its systems – ABS B2, iFOBS and HRM&Payroll::eCSpert. That's why the choice of PJSC "CB "FINANCIAL PARTNER" isn't a casual one.

"Start package" of the CB "FINANCIAL PARTNER" included leading systems of the CS Company: the B2 automated banking system (ABS B2), the iFOBS internet banking system for corporate clients and the HRM&Payroll::eCSpert Human Resources Management & Payroll Preparation System.

Today the ABS B2 is installed and used in 68 Ukrainian banks that makes 40% from the total number of registered banks in the territory of Ukraine.

In its turn the iFOBS internet-banking system is successfully used in 50 Ukrainian banks and the total number of system's users reached its first million.

The HRM&Payroll::eCSpert system enables the bank to optimize tasks of the personnel department, HR-manager and provide information that will be used for the salary accounting. Also the system automates salary accounting tasks, taxes on company employees' income, deductions for the salary budget and reporting generation.

"Experience of that "package" implementation in new banks proved that such combination of software products enables the successful start and competitiveness of young representatives of the banking market. We are very glad that CB "Financial Partner" starts its activity with our products and our team", - Dmitriy Radchenko, director of the CS Company comments.

About Bank

PJSC CB "FINANCIAL PARTNER" was registered by the National Bank of Ukraine in October 19, 2012.

The bank was created by skilled Ukrainian bankers as a reliable financial institution. Use of modern technologies together with classic standards enables providing bank's clients with fast, qualitative and convenient service. The most reliable in the world Swiss model of bank's building and operation including features of the Ukrainian banking system and economics in general are joined in the bank.

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