CS automates payments routing in OTP Bank

06 Aug 2013


New solution provides automated payments routing between bank’s systems and simplifies interaction with electronic interbank transfer system by means of the single gateway.

CS Company implemented a project of payments routing single complex for concurrent work several information systems that interact between themselves and EITS (electronic interbank transfer system) organization in OTP Bank.

This complex joins systems of the CS Company: Sapfire and Payment Router.  Payment Router is a specially developed payments routing node.

The Sapfire system was implemented as a single gateway of payments exchange with EITS. EITS includes EPS (electronic payment system) and ETS (express transfer system).

Interaction of the Sapfire system with Bank’s information systems– ABS "SQL" and ABS "FlexCube" is performed by means of the payments routing node - Payment Router. One of the ABS "SQL" and the ABS "FlexCube" function is generation and/or exchange as intrabank intersystem payments so interbank payments.

Andrey Maiba,
Project manager at JSC OTP Bank

“Implementation of the payments routing system enabled flexible integration of the new ABS with already operated systems in the bank and EPS NBU. Due to the high competence of the CS experts results of the project were reached on a full scale and in time”.

Payment Router

System is created for interbank payments routing between automated banking systems – SQL, FlexCube, B2 that are used by OTP Bank and also interbank payments between these systems and  the Sapfire system that interacts with EPS NBU. Additional task of the Payment Router is data reconciliation  of payments transfer including balance reconciliation on accounts that are used in payments.

Payment Router is developed according to requirements to high performance and security. It includes administration application that enables monitoring of operability of all system’s components, payments routing setting, viewing all system’s events and payments with logs inside of the Payment Router.


Sapfire is a single gateway for interaction of all bank’s automated systems with EPS NBU.

Data security system that includes identification, checking, and implementing an electronic digital signature is used in interfaces of the payment system.

OTP Bank

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