CS automates SEB Corporate Bank

05 Mar 2013

CS Company finished the automation project of the PJSC "SEB CORPORATE BANK" which belongs to the Swedish financial group Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ) (SEB Group).

Three systems of the CS Company were implemented in PJSC "SEB CORPORATE BANK" – the B2 automated banking system (ABS B2), the iFOBS internet banking system for corporate clients and the HRM&Payroll::eCSpert Human Resources Management & Payroll Preparation System.

In 2012 the ABS B2 was implemented in four of five banks that started their activity on the Ukrainian financial market. SEB Corporate bank was one of them. CS experts tested system's performance of all set products before launching the ABS B2.

Bank employees attended training courses before starting to operate the HRM&Payroll::eCSpert Human Resources Management & Payroll Preparation System. Training is an integral part of every implementation project.

SEB Corporate bank is first of all interested in servicing corporate clients. That is why it chose the most safe and secure internet-banking – iFOBS. Today iFOBS supports all high-end technologies for data security: certified cryptography and digital signature use. Further to these standards we offer our clients to use other services for data security and operations confirmation: one-time passwords, special devices for protected keys storage and biometric devices.

Implementation project in PJSC "SEB CORPORATE BANK" was performed in four months.

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