Evolving and developing: iFOBS online banking in “CRYSTALBANK” PJSC

26 Jan 2017

[Evolving and developing: iFOBS online banking in “CRYSTALBANK” PJSC]

CS Company has finished 2016 with new achievements – iFOBS online banking system for private customers has been implemented in “CRYSTALBANK” PJSC. Despite the fact that only the first stage has been finished, the wide range of features has been provided to the users of online banking system from the very outset.

For example, a holder of CRYSTALBANK payment card is able to connect to the system distantly using self-registration module without visiting the bank.

Bank customers can top up a mobile phone and transfer funds between own accounts without spending the extra time by using widgets of active operations, which serve as a feature of system main page.

Another usable element of the system is a module for operating the card accounts and cards, to which the option of limit changes, card blocking, and card activation were added.

Capabilities of paying the public utilities and performing the loan and deposit active operations have expanded base functionality of the system. The bank can offer the users a wide range of bank services and products due to well-targeted configuration of the system.

During development the bank made challenging demands to the interface design, which were implemented efficiently by the team of our designers and developers.

Implementation of iFOBS online banking is the result of successful collaborative work and we believe that it will be the guarantee of long and efficient cooperation between CS Company and “CRYSTALBANK” PJSC, since the next stages are ahead within which new services is to be added to the online banking system and mobile application is to be developed and implemented.

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