iFOBS brings together accounts of private persons and private entrepreneurs

18 Mar 2020

[iFOBS brings together accounts of private persons and private entrepreneurs]

The “Private Entrepreneur Office” has appeared in the internet and mobile banking system iFOBS for private persons.

The new service allows bank customers — private entrepreneurs — to work with their accounts in iFOBS interface for private persons which is familiar to them, so they can do the following:

  • View lists of private entrepreneur accounts 
  • Name accounts and set avatars 
  • View and share the private entrepreneur account details, save it to a file and print
  • Make transfers from private entrepreneur accounts to their own individual and private entrepreneur accounts 
  • Receive account statements
  • View payment history.

To make the new functionality more convenient for the clients, their private entrepreneur accounts can be placed in a separate widget on the main page. This widget allows to view all of your private entrepreneur accounts and with a single click go to the page with detailed information. Here you can name your account and set an avatar, as well as conduct operations: make transfers, receive a statement, save and print the details or cash flow history.

CS Ltd continues to develop new services to meet the requirements of its customers.

Stay tuned!

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