The key advantages of the CS integration module for data exchange with the State Tax Service

28 Nov 2023

[The key advantages of the CS integration module for data exchange with the State Tax Service]

The new integration module has been specifically designed to streamline and automate the data exchange process between CBS B2 and the State Tax Service of Ukraine (STS).

To meet the demands of regulatory and supervisory authorities, Ukrainian banks are required to submit specially formatted, signed, and encrypted reports on open and closed taxpayer accounts to the State Tax Service (STS). These reports include:

  • Register of client accounts
  • Register of correspondent accounts
  • Register of securities accounts

Previously, each bank had to individually tackle this task, relying on either in-house solutions or third-party software. Such approaches were not always effective and carried additional risks for the security of sensitive personal data.

The new CS integration module addresses these challenges, adhering to the essential requirements set by regulators and supervisory bodies. It fully automates all the routine operations involved in data exchange with the STS, thereby reducing the load on the banking system. The module incorporates the REST API and features an agile and robust encryption and data transfer protocol.

What capabilities does the new integration module offer?

The module's capabilities extend far beyond just ensuring correct signatures and secure data transmission to the tax authorities. Banks have the flexibility to tailor their own model in terms of the number of required signatories and the sequence of signatures before data is dispatched to the State Tax Service.

How does it work?

Data exchange with the State Tax Service takes place automatically using the MonitorWorker java application after initializing the QES keys and enabling file transfer.

The initial configuration of the module for the individual needs of the institution is carried out with the help of the СS support service. In the future, the bank can also change the worker settings independently and contact the CS support team if necessary. 

Bank specialists can see the active sessions opened by the application, view the results of the exchange of registers with the State Tax Service for each account, initiate the resending of the necessary records, etc. These processes are managed in the user-friendly B2ng interface. 

The new module of CBS B2 integration with the State Tax Service of Ukraine from CS greatly simplifies and automates the data exchange process. It allows banks to reduce risks and system load, while ensuring a high level of protection of customers' personal data.

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