[CB::Connector - Working with Credit Bureaus]

CB::Connector - Working with Credit Bureaus

CB::Connector is an easy service-oriented solution specially developed for automation of all the operations connected with credit bureaus. It provides collecting, unifying, storing and delivery of data about loan history and additional information about clients. Such information can be used by the bank risk management department and also by the bank security service when analyzing lending capacity and reliability of prospective borrowers or analyzing client information during other bank business processes.

Benefits for business

  • Operation with eleven sources of data about borrowers
  • Unified format of access to external sources
  • Unified format of providing data received
  • Cashing relevant data to cut the number of paid requests to external sources
  • Automatic data loading to credit bureaus online
  • Monitoring the state of loaded data, error check
  • Integration solution: web services, procedure interfaces, interfaces for integration with CBS, operation with LDAP

Sources of data about borrowers

  • The First Credit Bureau of Ukraine
  • International Credit Bureau
  • Ukrainian Credit Bureau
  • Independent Credit Bureau
  • Register of Borrowers of the NBU
  • Register of Lost Passports of the MIA
  • ‘Infoservice’ database (UCB)
  • Piranha’ database
  • ‘Strabis’ database
  • CBS B2
  • Analytical system CS::BI

Providing of different types of reports

  • Expanded credit history containing information about the client and  each of their  loan
  • Scoring summary reports
  • Checking the phone number (Anti-Fraud)
  • Checking passports by the MIA's database
  • Checking negative information about the participant of credit application

System components

Client workstation and printed reports in PDF format

The system makes it possible for users to access any of the selected sources via their client workstation. Operator manually enters client details for data search in an external source. Search results are provided as a printed report of the PDF format.

Web service and reports in XML format

Web service enables an external application in the bank integration framework to make a request for information search in one or several data sources, specify timeout of waiting for response, priority of request processing and other parameters.

The request result is returned to an external system in the standard XML format. Operation mode of the web service can be either synchronous or asynchronous – depending on the requirements put forward by the integration framework and business processes of the bank.

Procedure interface and reports in the format of interface views

External systems which are not web service-oriented can request borrower’s data from the CB::Connector using the specially developed procedure interface. Then they receive data from an external source via interface views specially provided in the system DB.


The bank manages the list of roles and user accounts in directory services with which operation is performed via the LDAP protocol.

It is possible in the system to synchronize the list of roles with an external catalogue and to authorize users with the LDAP protocol. For the system installation the company offers adjusting directory service for operating with the system but these settings can also be performed by the bank administrators.

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