[Deposit portfolio management]

Deposit portfolio management

Online banking is a convenient tool for customers who have deposited money to the bank.

The iFOBS.Corporate system has all the remote operations with deposits which can be performed by customers on their own according to the regulator’s requirements.

Among the standard deposit operations customers can perform the following:

  • view and manage the list of deposits
  • view details of selected deposit agreements
  • view and print the calendar of interest accrual
  • view and print the history of deposit operations
  • replenish deposits from accounts or cards
  • partial and complete deposit withdrawal to accounts or cards

Additional services which can be provided at the bank’s request:

Deposit selection /
Deposit store
      The system searches for the most suitable deposit program according to the parameters entered by customers and calculates the profit

Depositing money

Customers submit applications for depositing money and transfer funds from accounts or cards


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