[Integration capacity]

Integration capacity

The iFOBS online banking system in terms of its architecture is an absolutely independent solution oriented to integration with IT infrastructure of any bank.

iFOBS has its own data cache (base) so it does not load the transaction day by a lot of information requests, it stores the information in the cache. Separate online requests are performed only when it is necessary and in a minimal amount.

The application three-tier architecture is oriented to vertical and horizontal scaling, it ensures quick reaction to increase of quantity of transactions, load balancing.

The iFOBS.Gate integration service kit has been developed for integration with the bank transaction day (CBS), it enables connecting the system to any CBS.

A lot of services for iFOBS integration with card systems and card processing systems, CRM systems, ERP systems, GMSU providers, service providers and international payment systems, cryptographic security facilities and many more have been developed and implemented.

For integration with ERP systems of corporate customers not only standard file transfer is available but also a specially designed integration package iFOBS.OCI which is an open COM interface. With iFOBS.OCI it is possible to integrate 1C:Accounting or any other accounting system with online banking and enable operations of data receiving, sending, payment signing in the main accounting system of the enterprise.

For operation of our web application and mobile client a standard set of integration services is used, this prevents discrepancies in data and makes system support easier.

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