[iFOBS.Mobile - Mobile banking for private and corporate customers]

iFOBS.Mobile - Mobile banking for private and corporate customers

iFOBS.Mobile is designed for both work and leisure, communication and access to social networks. The system meets all modern requirements for the design, ergonomics and functionality of a mobile application for online banking for both private and corporate customers.

Light, transparent, user-friendly design, simple navigation, access to a large number of active transactions, multilanguage interface can satisfy the most demanding customer.

The system is designed for smartphones and tablets based on the operating system Android and iOS.

Business advantages

  • Effective channel for bank’s products and services promotion to customer
  • Individual, unique design according to corporate identity of each bank
  • Easy access to accounts and banking products, a large list of active operations for each client

Broad options

Card operations

In addition to the standard set of operations the customer has an opportunity to manage the savings account and card spending limits, to block cards, to connect to the SMS-informing service, to disable the CVV protection, to order new card, to transfer money between cards of different banks.

Utility and other services payments

Customers can send the request about their current debt, can pay for services from their current accounts and cards. Smart-searching of services providers, receiving the bills, the possibility to create the payment based on the template and the regular payment – all this create a comfortable service.

Push notifications

To deliver information and advertisement to customers, bank can use pop-ups and push-messages instead of SMS. Push notifications are free of charge, more capacious, and the main thing is that they allow customers right while reading “enter into a dialogue” with the bank about the notification subject.


Customer’s geolocation can be used not only for the nearest branches and ATMs searching, but for offering them bank services or services of partners of the bank.

Fingerprint instead of the password

It is possible to log in to mobile banking using fingerprints for owners of devices supporting TouchID function.

Updating balances by shaking

When customers view their accounts and cards they can activate balance update by shaking their device.

Account flow visualization

Income to and withdrawals from customer accounts and cards will be displayed in the form of picture graphs, thus allowing customers to see their finance dynamics and to plan their budget.


Bank customers - both private and corporate - can take advantage of sending international money transfers in SWIFT format.

Invoices payment

By using mobile application bank customers can issue an invoice for goods and services to other customers. After receiving the invoice the customer can easily pay it without having to enter payment details.


Depending on the security policy used in the bank, the confirmation of active operations in IFOBS.Mobile could be performed with:

  • SMS confirmation of payments
  • OTP confirmation of payments (including DIGIPASS devices)
  • Signing with a digital signature
  • Software-based OTP token - confirmation of payments with one-time password generated by the SOFToken application installed on your mobile device

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