CS Ltd always pays special attention to providing security in online banking. The regulatory authority requirements for online banking for individual customers at the moment are less strict than those for corporate customers. But private customers have high expectations as for user-friendliness of such tools.

The basic package of security features always supplied with the system includes channel encryption (using https), user authorization by username and password, logging all user actions in the system, and optional features of working with digital signature.

The following authorization services are essential for private customers:

SMS confirmation

      Payment confirmation by one-time passwords sent to phone
OTP confirmation

 Payment confirmation by one-time passwords generated by OTP token
OTP software token
 Payment confirmation by one-time passwords generated by OTP application installed on a mobile device

CS Ltd has also developed the iFOBS.FraudDetection system for fraud control. This system analyses customer behavior in the system and in case of suspicious actions depending on the criticality level it informs the bank security service or the customer about the suspicion of fraud. Then it marks the payment as potentially suspicious and processes it according to the set actions.

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