[Express money transfers EMOS]

Express money transfers EMOS

Express Money Order System — a system for operating with express money transfers of private customers. EMOS system allows the bank to organize in a "single window" the work with the international money transfer systems such as MoneyGram, RIA, Contact, Unistream, MoneyExpress and many others.

Benefits for business

  • Connectors for integration with international money transfer systems 
  • Customer data card maintenance, searching and automatic filling the customer data 
  • Speeding-up the process of sending and receiving of payments due to automation and operations control 
  • Integration with the trading day of the bank (for automatic generating of the documents) 
  • Data security and compliance with regulatory requirements

Main features

  • Searching and paying out, receipt and sending of express money transfers 
  • Transfers cancelling, returning and editing  
  • Possibility of paying out the express money transfers on the customer's card (subject to iB2)
  • Rules designer for the calculation of the fees  
  • The system of discounts, individual tariffs, loyalty programs for loyal customers (provided by payment systems API)
  • Printing required documents, accompanying the operation of the transfer - a receipt, the application for transfer sending, for transfer return, reports, and transfer register 
  • Possibility to customize additional reports in Jasper Reports 
  • Setting and using of currency control rules 
  • Setting limits for divisions, which allows you to control the volume of funds 
  • Working with the referral information systems of the partners 
  • Web-services for rapid integration with partners


  • Authorization and Authentication: LDAP  
  • Access rights based on roles 
  • Secure access channels: HTTPS 
  • Data protection through open channels: access through a proxy server, SSL-encryption 
  • Additional safety

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