Platinum Bank: ABS B2 & Oracle Siebel CRM integrated solution

20 May 2013


A new integration solution accelerates servicing of the bank customers with enhanced efficiency due to operating of real-time status checks on accounts and deals in the customer relationship management system – Siebel CRM.

CS has implemented the interaction project across B2 – automated core banking system used by the bank for servicing customer deals and accounts, and Siebel CRM.

The integration of the systems has resulted in arranging of the intersystem data exchange which seamlessly provides the contact and call center agents of the up-to-date information to handle servicing customers.

The solution has been featured architecturally to arrange management of the current data in bases with the universal data exchange tool Oracle Streams, enabling to reduce the source base workload.

Platinum Bank

An international bank operates on Ukrainian market since 2005, servicing more than 1 500 000 clients. International investors and shareholders promote Platinum bank development and introducing western management standards which in turn assist bank clients to feel comfortable within cooperation and safe for their investments.

Platinum Bank is a retail bank focused on servicing individual persons. All deposit and credit products in Platinum Bank are based on simple and clear terms, that enables to provide clients with high-quality banking service.

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