No limit to perfection

26 Jun 2013

[No limit to perfection]

PCWeek/UA edition published an interview with directors of the CS Company – Andriy Boychuk, Oleg Vyazmitinov and Dmitriy Radchenko and also Vitalii Nikitin - ISS/BCS BU Manager CIS at HP. The main objective of the interview was to know the details and results of the CS products’ testing on the hardware platform. Testing of CS products was held at HP EMEA Customer Center, Böblingen, Germany.

During the interview representatives of the CS and HP companies told about testing’s aims and goals, about amount of time it took, about stages it included and achieved results.

“We have tested the excellent combination of HP SuperDome 2 server and HP 3PAR storage system. On the ground of achieved results we can recommend the ideal set of equipment to the bank according to specifics of its tasks. We came to the conclusion that it is enough to set 64-core HP SuperDome 2 for the high efficiency of even the big bank. Apart from that, we defined several ways of program optimization that may lead to increase in equipment effectiveness. One of the proposed solutions was to make some asynchronous processes”, - Andriy Boychuk, director of the CS Company, commented the testing results.

Read full version of the article here.

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