[CFRONT —  business process management]

CFRONT — business process management

CFRONT system provides the bank with a universal platform where various banking processes could be modeled by the workflow designer tools. In particular, the platform is designed for maintaining of retail lending processes such as applications accepting, maintaining products and partner trading networks, collecting data from external sources, decision-making, creating a deal in B2 CBS, composing of printed documents and contracts, as well as maintaining statistics, creating of analytical reports on its basis and much more.

The main feature of the solution is the ability to create business processes easily, flexibly configure and quickly make any changes to them.


Business values

  • Automation of the loan application lifecycle, the processes of borrower assessing and decision-making;
  • Possibility of independent fine-tuning the rules of application routing and decision-making strategies;
  • Flexible integration with internal and external systems (sources of information about the borrower), accounting systems, monitoring and loan maintenance systems;
  • Standardizing the process of services selling, as well as customer documentation within the regionally distributed network of the bank.


The system consists of the following modules:


Processes Builder

The designer (modeler) of business processes is a key component of the CFRONT front-office complex. It allows you to build an automated process for processing a particular application using various tasks and transition conditions between them.

With the help of the designer, you can configure the processing and routing of applications, build the decision-making process and define the rules for dynamic processing and data modification at each step of the process.


Form Builder

The form builder (UI Designer) allows you to create working and auxiliary forms (pages) of the user application. This tool has a wide range of ready-made widgets (elements from which the page is built, such as fields, buttons, tables, etc.), and allows you to create new specific widgets by the developer tools (e.g., for working with a webcam or displaying a photo embedded in the customer profile, etc.).

Made-up forms are connected to the system and become available to users (depending on the access rights).


Connector to the credit bureau

To obtain additional data on the potential borrower (e.g., their credit history, scoring reports, etc.) the integrated solution includes a gateway module.

The module contains a number of connectors to such credit bureaus as UBKI, PVBKI, MBKI, to B2 CBS, and to several additional data sources (the database of lost passports, the criminal information databases).

In addition, the module performs standardization, conversion and, if necessary, the merging of data obtained from various sources.


User application (CFRONT)

The application is intended for the purposes of end users: bank operators, lending agents, inspectors, risk managers, call center operators, underwriters - all persons who are involved in the lending process.

System users can create applications and perform various tasks that arise during the course of business processes. Different users have different access to data, user application entities and tasks (depending on user roles).


How does it work

When creation of business processes and customization of forms and questionnaires are completed, the credit front is ready for working with applications.

The creation of an application (both in the user application and in third-party systems) implies the filling in of a detailed questionnaire with the personal and financial data on the applicant and specifying the desired loan parameters.

Then the application is launched into processing according to the configured business process. The system requests data from various credit bureaus, registries and other data sources and composes a report on the applicant's credit history with recommendations for further action.

If the obtained data allows the system to form a positive decision on the issue of a loan, this decision will be made automatically.

Otherwise, the business process creates a user task, which transfers all data on the application. This task should be handled by the bank's underwriter, risk manager or other responsible person.

After making a positive decision a counteragent will be created automatically in B2 CBS, a transaction and a package of documents for signing are formed.

As a result, a notice on approval of a loan will be sent to a workplace. An operator has an opportunity to display and print out the necessary package of documents that the applicant must sign (credit agreement, credit certificate, check list, memo, etc.).

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