[Express Analysis]

Express Analysis

Data visualization in the form and in the amount convenient for the user, – an indispensable tool of analysis and decision making support. Analysis tools built into all system modules and implemented according to the principle of maximum efficiency in the submission of required data: bank employee receives a required report without interruption of actions performed in the system, and the daily reports awaiting him since the opening of the transaction day.

express-analysis at the level of forms: filter, sort, group

prognosis of creating and posting documents of loan repayment, capacity percent, and others on the basis of the schedule of funds movement

analytical reports in a user-friendly form

  • support flexible selection rules and data processing on different elements of the analytical and accounting in the context of a predefined and/or custom settings according to access rights
  • generate various types of reports – product report, consolidated, prognosis, monitor, branch report and consolidated data on all divisions and branches
  • setup of reports in a regular and deferred modes (without interrupting the user work)
  • release a set of individual reports for each system user
  • support text and graphic printing modes, save reports in files of different formats: txt, xls, doc, pdf, dbf, etc.
  • download the reports (reference books) from external files
  • generate reports on queries from external systems
  • data registration on issued reports

a library of analysis functions – integration of database with analytical subsystems of MS Excel for the purpose of reporting taking into account access rights

  • standards calculation and analysis with the modeling function of standards change according to changes in the balance
  • reserve ratio calculation on the consolidated correspondent account
  • analysis of bank income and expenses
  • balance analysis of correspondent banks on the basis of files for statistical report
  • generate analytical reports developed by the bank without developer participation

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