[B2 - Core banking system]

B2 - Core banking system

B2 – single integrated solution, designed to meet the unique product needs of retail and commercial banks from front to back-office



  • for any bank - from the smallest to the largest,
    from specialized to universal
  • for all users - from bank teller to top management
  • to serve all customers - easy, fast, high quality
  • Individual component set - only needed functionality
  • expansion - on demand
  • quick impementation and product launch
  • complete set of financial instruments



  • implementation of unique business processes
  • setup and upgrade is possible without vendor help
  • individual interface organization
  • unlimited creation of products - outpacing product launch
  • rich set of functions - management, service, marketing
  • 3-tier architecture with a thin web client
  • Oracle DBMS - #1 among databases for corporate systems
  • high performance and scalability, proven in routine tests
  • Straight Through Processing (STP)
  • control of operating efficiency



  • integrated set by single developer
  • interaction with regulators, payment systems, processing
  • integration platform, Web services
  • embedded in any IT landscape
  • audit and security comprehensive system
  • reliable DBMS facilities to provide fault tolerance
  • 24/7 operation - without technology breaks
  • secure data transfer and processing
  • 1 supplier: system maintenance, database, support for regulatory changes

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