[Web-Based Client]

Web-Based Client

Fundamental part of the bank's business strategy is organizing the work with financial instruments and choosing the priority areas for contract relations with customers.

JetB2 provides ample opportunities for the development and implementation of new financial instruments. The versatility of the system covers functional needs for generation the product line for any bank - small and large, universal and specialized on corporate or individual services.

Business Benefits

  • customer-360:comprehensive data review and individual targeted service at "financial supermarket"
  • proactive sales: variety of istruments for product promotion
  • user-360: task list, calculation usability and universal cash.
  • transparent business process
  • integration-360: complete integration with main applications, portal integration with any web resources
  • investment storage: B2 developments in active use

Single customer service window

JetB2 user-friendly and modern web-based interface

  • speeds up and simplifies the work of bank employees with the clients
  • implements a customer-centric service model
  • optimizes service processes
  • provides the user with an individual set of tasks and events

Client session

JetB2 not only speeds up and simplifies the customer service, but also brings it to a new level

  • quick customer search by details, registration in default of details absence
  • 360º-review of customer data according to the access rights
  • 360º-service: comprehensive services with profitable products and services offer in the "financial supermarket"
  • interactive user tooltips
  • pass-through customer service between different departments of the bank in a single session 

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