System’s integration capabilities create the most complete functional technological infrastructure that enables the bank quickly and conveniently:

  • to provide clients with comprehensive corporate services, retail services, remote maintenance
  • to conduct management accounting, management of on-farm activities and implement budget planning
  • to get a complete and transparent analysis of bank activities for timely decisions
  • to maintain a single data warehouse and to provide secure data access from external systems
  • to interact with payment systems, regulators software and state bodies software to provide mandatory reporting

JetB2 Middleware – integration platform

  • full-fledged application Java Enterprise Edition that runs on the application server
  • recommended platforms: Oracle WebLogic Application Server, IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • support of cluster architecture, including scale out and parallel execution on multiple cluster nodes with high availability
  • integrates into the bank infrastructure as a standalone item or with ESB
  • access in the form of web services to major entities, methods, and reports of the B2 with consideration of user rights
  • extra protection – authentication to call the web services by means of JEE servers


Interfaces with external systems

  • SWIFT - international payment system
  • Electronic Payment System of the National Bank of Ukraine
  • IRS – Information retrieval system
  • EMOS – Express Money Order System
  • Securities Depository
  • The registry of borrowers
  • CredInfo
  • The register of the state tax administration
  • Deposit guarantee Fund
  • Pension Fund
  • State customs service
  • MoneyGram – money transfer system
  • Reuters – Electronic trading system
  • The system of financial monitoring: Norkom (Norkom Technologies Ltd), HotScan (LogicaCMG), AML3 (SEB Group)
  • Different card systems

Integration with CS complex systems

  • iFOBS - Internet-banking
  • CS::BI - Analytical system
  • Credit::eCSpert – Retail lending
  • Trust::Treasury – Treasury operations
  • Trust::Securities – Securities
  • CS::Custody  - Depository operations
  • CB::Connector – Connector to the credit reference bureau
  • HRM&Payroll::eCSpert – Human Resources Management & Payroll  System

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