[Forex. Money Market]

Forex. Money Market

Cash and foreign exchange markets - the largest network that connects national and foreign banks, brokerage firms.It is interesting and beneficial to a modern bank to generate price targets of financial market, quickly and securely share assets via automated banking system.

Flexible capabilities of the system enable the bank (without any additional software)

  • to be fully engaged in tenders
  • to make good bargains on the exchange and OTC markets

Key features

  • interbank lending - issuance and borrowings, deposit swaps
  • interbank foreign exchange transactions, downloading data from Reuters, separation of work between departments: the department of customer service (front-office), treasury, foreign exchange department (back-office)
  • trading session
  • providing data on interbank transactions to the "KredInfo" system
  • banknote operations
  • precious Metal
  • analysis of the liquidity bank foreign exchange position

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