[Risk Management]

Risk Management

The set of methods and instruments of risk management and financial relations in order to find optimal solutions to reduce risk and maximize profits lies at the root of efficient risk management. 
Particular attention is tended to the analysis of the credit worthiness of customers, funds reserving for active operations and limit management.

Monitoring of customers and credit contracts portfolio

  • risk factors, early warning signals
  • monitoring of credit contracts and credit risk management
  • monitoring of covenants of the bank credit contract
  • interaction with borrowers
  • maintaining a database of bankruptcies, black and gray lists of custom

Reserves for credit risks

  • calculation and reserves generation of the national regulatory authority Banking Supervision (National Bank)
  • calculation and provisioning requirements of IFRS


  • user-friendly interface for adjusment a list of limits
  • support of different groups of limits
  • entry, utilization and automatic control of restrictions on total debt of the business partners under contracts, compliance management of the utilized payments to the set limit values
  • authorization of the values setting and overlimit by the executive employee, reports issue to monitor limits control and operations authorizatio

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