[CBS B2 Two-Factor Authentication]

CBS B2 Two-Factor Authentication

Safety access to the CBS B2 is achieved by use of a two-factor authentication mechanism.
Two-factor authentication requires authentication of two different factors.

The first factor of the user’s authentication — user’s login and password.
The second factor of the user’s authentication can be:

  • One-time password generated by applications that support the TOTP protocol (e.g., Google Authenticator);
  • One-time password sent via SMS or email; 
  • Key information carrier (secure token) from the AVTOR Company 

The authentication server is a backbone of the CBS B2 two-factor authentication’s architecture.

Main features of the authentication server:

  • activation and configuration of the two-factor authentication mode individually for each user;
  • ability to work with different authentication options simultaneously using an SMS, e-mail, applications with a TOTP support and hardware tokens from the AVTOR Company;
  • saving data of all authentication requests in the database; 
  • validity control of the generated one-time codes by their validity period.

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