[Managerial Accounting. Budgeting]

Managerial Accounting. Budgeting

Today, banks are forced to deal with the costs and look for new management tools that would improve the competitive position of products and increase the profitability of operations.
One of such tools is the system of managerial accounting and budgeting.
Integrated automation of managerial accounting helps management to assess the real state of affairs in their own business and to optimize financial management.

Benefits in the bank management

  • bank's management owns the current information and can quickly make management decisions
  • experts save time on data collection and processing - experts identify the problem areas in the management system on the basis of the ready-performed analysis
  • bank resources are used more efficiently: human, financial, material
  • single financial management system according to the chosen business strategy

Key advantages

- automation of the process of financial control, operational control of costs

- distribution of income and direct costs:

  • automatic/manual objects  marking (analytical accounts of income/expenses, transactions, documents of income/expenses, fixed assets cards, etc.)by various parameters of managerial accounting
  • mapping and analysis of balances and turnovers in the context of the managerial accounting objects

 - allocation of indirect costs from cost centers to profit centers, and then - on products, customers, branches:

  • use of multi-stage cascade method of distribution without feedback (calculation of the total cost)
  • indication of the distribution keys manually with month fixing

 - generation of management reports:

  • balance of the bank in the context of management accounting objects
  • revenues and direct costs
  • indirect costs (with the display of allocation chain)
  • transfer income and expenditure

 - transfer payment income/expenses based on a balance transfer resources:

  • analysis of every analytical account which is a transfer resource for the calculation of transfer income/expense within managerial accounting parameters
  • automatic recognition of the events happened to resource accounts (delay, extension, early termination, additional recharge, occurrence of adjusting entries) and their adequate mapping in the transfer calculations
  • cash limits accounting as transfer resources
  • accounting of grace periods for automatic determination of the transfer rate
  • calculation of the conditionally stable balance on current accounts, revolving loans and overdrafts, and the adoption of this balance as a transfer resource
  • automatic saving of the analysis and calculation results: transfer (management) balance, income/ expenses report

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