[MLM::eCSpert - Insurance Intermediary Automation System]

MLM::eCSpert - Insurance Intermediary Automation System

MLM::eCSpert is intended to automate the back office of insurance intermediaries such as agencies, brokers, own distribution networks of insurance companies.

MLM::eCSpert ensures the automation of the management of agents' network, the computation of advisers' commission, the record of competitions held among advisers, the computation of advisers' bonuses and career as well as the automation of data exchange between an insurance company and a sales organizer.

MLM::eCSpert Capabilities

Building Effective Motivation System

MLM::eCSpert enables the sales network staff motivation system to be automated and rebuilt flexibly whenever required.

Maintenance of Agents' Network Structure

Keeping records of the agents' network structure, advisers' career, a unit, a manager, a level, a state of adviser's activity.

Keeping Records of Insurance Contracts

Keeping requisite records with information about of insurers and insureds, claims and insurance policies including a payment schedule and actual premiums; information synchronization with the data of an insurance company.

Common Information Space

A three-level architecture of the back office system and the common database make it possible to create a common information space in all the units of an insurance intermediary.

Computations During Production Periods

  • The computation of units and agent's commission for personal and structural sales;
  • The ability of agent's commission computation based on scheduled sales;
  • Keeping records of advisers' career based on the results of personal and structural sales;
  • The computation of bonus units with further computation of bonuses, both monetary and nonmonetary (gifts, travels, shares, etc.).

All the computations as well as the list of bonuses are tuned in accordance with business processes of insurance intermediaries.

In our system, the whole process - from the computation of commissions through the production of work performed certificates - is automated. Moreover, all the nuances have been taken into account starting from the taxation system and ending by a possible reversal of an entry and the calculation of additional payment based on the results of recalculations for the prior period.

Ability to Determine Plans Depending On Level of Advisers or Individually

Ability to Make Alterations into Closed Production Periods

The system gives you ability to make alterations, in a manual mode, to information about advisers' career during closed production periods with the recalculations of commissions for personal and structural sales in the current production period.

Interfaces for Data Exchange Between Intermediary and Insurance Company

This interface makes it possible to send registers of claims to insurance companies, to import information about contracts and supplementary agreements from insurance companies as well as to be in correspondence with insurance companies.

Producing Reports

The system gives you ability to produce detailed and convenient analytical reports for both the implementation of managerial functions and presenting objective information to the advisers based on the results of their activities which may serve as an additional means of motivation.

History Records

The system provides for keeping records of the history of calculations, the history of changes in career, structure, etc. This is very convenient from the perspective of trend analysis and change control.

MLM::eCSpert Platform

The system is based on a commercial Oracle DBMS which is the leader in the market of DBMS for corporate information systems. A high reliability and performance of Oracle DBMS ensure the possibility of automation of hundreds of workstations and processing large volumes of information.

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