[CS::Custody – Custodial Operation Processing System]

CS::Custody – Custodial Operation Processing System

Custodial operations play an important role in banking business (i.e. bank custody and service of customer securities). The provision of such services by a bank is related to execution of some operations that can be automated by using CS::Custody from CS Ltd.

Advantages of CS::Custody

  • The cutting edge technics are used to built the system that ensures its high reliability and conformity with all modern standards
  • The system has a user-friendly web-interface, that helps to save time on getting acquainted with the system and in general makes work easy with it either for users or admins
  • The use of the system prevents the necessity to reentry the information. Thus, it eliminates the probability of errors
  • CS::Custody has a role system that divides users into two groups – operator and verifier. As a result each group has its own access rights and carries out different operations

The system contains the required functionalty to execute basic custodial operations. It is designed to solve the following tasks

  • Information exchange with the upper level custodies
  • Execution of administrative operations
  • Execution of accounting operations
  • Execution of information operations
  • Calculation and charging of custodial fees
  • Data downloading from securities exchange market
  • Generation of internal and external reports

Administrative operations

In CS::Custody there is a form for input and future editing of the depositor blank form. At the same time it is possible a contractor established in the main CS B2 book.

The functions allowing open and close secuties accounts are realized in the system. At the same time both nominal custodial accounts, where securities maintain records in depositor section, and real custodial accounts, where securities maintain records in residence section set up.

Accounting operations

As yet system automates clients’ securities receipt and charge-off, that is operating accounts in securities and displaying operations with securities, as a result the number of securities on the accounts change.

Within the bounds of system-CS B2 interaction those depositary operations, that were held repulse in the bank balance. It means that entries are being formed by off-balance accounts of the securities accounting for the accounting reporting.

Informational operations

Besides carrying out the tasks such as access to service, care of securities and operations carrying out bank clients orders it is necessary to give reports to clients such as state of custodial accounts and operations with securities that were made.

A system ability of generating SWIFT was implemented to solve these problems – abstracts of depositors accounts (on demand or regularly), confirmation of performing the operations for the clients.


To operate with commissions for the custodial operations a subsystem SBS B2 “Subscriber's rental and Commissions“ is used. It enables automatic or semiautomatic accounting and commission charging, and also forming commissions payment documents by clients.

Integration with depositories

In CS::Custody an integration with all government upper-level depositories is realized. They are: All Ukrainian Securities Depository, National Bank of Ukraine Depository, National Depository of Ukraine.

The solution is integrated with the system Depoer, that implements following actions with All Ukrainian Securities.


  • Depositor day-book synchronization
  • Import of the issuer reference book
  • Import of the securities reference book
  • Import of the securities account balance
  • Import of the memorial orders archive, auto-generation of the accounting operations( entry, write-off, dematerialization) in system
  • Accounting operations initiation for securities entry and write-off

For the interaction with the Depository of the National Bank of Ukraine CS::Custody provides import file generating for the system OVDP-online2.

Integration with SWIFT

In cases, when a client is not a resident, system provides an ability for message exchange by payroll system SWIFT, because of that a non-resident client has an opportunity to generate orders for bank in a SWIFT-message form. In turn , the bank sends a confirmation to the client.

To do that, CS::Custody is integrated with a system SWIFT- Alliance, that implements following operations:

  • Messages receipt and processing from the system SWIFT- Alliance
  • Extension/ Initiation of the accounting operations in Depoer for the SWIFT arrangements reason
  • Generating outgoing messages (abstracts, confirmations) into SWIFT- Alliance system
  • Generating SWIFT error message while processing order
  • Generating SWIFT message performs automatically according to All Ukrainian Securities Depository (Depoer), consolidated with securities exchange market quotes data and CS B2 data

Intrabank reports

For the intrabank custodial operations analysis performance and reports generating for CB commission system has such logs:

  • Depositors logs
  • Securities logs
  • Administrative operations logs (open/close accounts)
  • Accounting operations logs (entry/securities write-off)
  • Order logs

In addition, there is an ability to receive analytical information about income from the deposit operations out of the management accounts ISMA subsystem.

Reference books

System has a number of reference books, where information about securities, issuers and depositors is kept.
Also the system functionality permits to download securities quotes data from the securities exchange market daily- minimal value, maximum and the latest concluded deal.


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