[Services for banks]

Services for banks

The iFOBS.WebPrivate online banking provides an opportunity for banks to connect services for maximum process automation and facilitation of bank administrator and manager work.

Online commissions
      The module is for calculating and changing fees directly in online banking. When making payments the system can calculate fees, inform customers about them and within one operation prepare a proper document of commission together with the main payment document

Automatic payments
 The module of automatic payments expedites and automates payment processing and checking in the bank. The module contains a rule designer according to which payments are checked and a router which accepts, rejects or forwards documents to manual processing

Customer service
 It is a workstation for managers who serve requests from online banking. On this workstation logs of payment and request processing are maintained, it is possible to view, accept, reject payments and requests, exchange messages with customers

Private customer limits
 It is possible to limit user operations in online banking using special limits (for example, one payment amount limit, limit for payments in a certain currency, the maximum acceptable amount of transaction in online banking per day, per month). This helps to provide additional control and security of the customer – if the limit is exceeded they will need to authorize a payment via additional SMS or by contacting the call center operator 

Connection manager
 With this module it is possible to connect customers immediately while registering them in the bank CBS. This functionality is part of the CBS B2 and for the banks not using the CBS B2 it is offered as a set of integration interfaces. They provide for immediate creation of customer member account, connecting their accounts and agreements, specifying user permissions by the template set by the bank

Online support
 Customers often call to the bank call center about password change, online banking account unlocking. For such operations there is a workstation for the call center operator available in the system. If it is more convenient for the bank to integrate such services to an existing system for call center agents, we offer a set of corresponding web services

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