[IB2 - System of a common card account]

IB2 - System of a common card account

The IB2 system has been designed to work with current and card accounts as the "Common account" and automates the work with customer card products with the help of the Core banking system B2.

One account – a lot of cards

  • One or several cards can be opened for a usual current account
  • An operator services a client in one system, that is the CS B2
  • Registration of a client in the card back-office and ordering a card for him is performed automatically.

One card – a lot of accounts

  • One card can be associated with several accounts and contracts
  • A client can transfer money from one of his accounts to another one or replenish his deposit straight via an ATM
  • A client manages his funds by himself and the bank saves its time.

Other advantages of the solution

  • Card operations are performed online
  • There is no risk of an unauthorized overdraft occurrence
  • A client operates his card in a common account mode, managing the same funds by means of an ATM, in a shop, in a bank cash office or via an internet banking
  • Time for servicing a client is reduced
  • Time for training operators is reduced.

SyncGate module 

The module provides online transferring data about all completed authorizations from processing centre into bank card issuance system which turns the card back-office into the source of the most up to date information about the balances on card accounts.


  • A current account opening accompanied with synchronous ordering of a card
  • Ordering of a card for an existing account
  • A contract template selecting and a client’s secret word specifying for registering a client in the card back-office
  • A card holder selecting for embossing
  • A department selecting for a card delivery
  • Associating one or several accounts with a card
  • Related products controlling
  • Authorization settings for card transactions
  • Documents processing and card transactions authorizing
  • Reports generating, operating registers of documents.


  • Database server functioning is controlled with Oracle DBMS
  • Application server functioning is controlled with ASWebSphere, jBoss
  • Client workstation functions as a part of the CS B2 client application
  • Interaction with a processing system is realized by means of ISO 8583 protocol (the request of authorization is realized by means of POS protocol, receiving notifications about completed authorizations is realized by means of Host protocol)
  • Interaction with a processing back-office is realized by means of DBLink
  • Solution services can function as a part of an integration bus.

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