Trust::Treasury system is destined for automation of treasury operations from the moment of conclusion of transactions till transfer thereof to the bank back office system. Trust::Treasury system provides for a possibility to build an efficient business process servicing it with minimum labour expenditures and resources. Besides this system is a source of information for treasury decision making

The system operation will allow the Bank to solve the following problems

  • to automate operations with the whole set of treasury products  
  • to simplify conclusion of transactions procedure
  • to accelerate information data processing
  • to increase decision making efficiency
  • to receive information related to transactions in a real-time mode
  • to increase operational efficiency of all the participants of business process
  • to obtain extended control of financial flows
  • to enlarge possibilities of financial planning
  • to reduce financial risks
  • to optimize financial resources management

The main commercial objective of the solution is providing for increase in inter-bank operations profitability due to building of an efficient automated business process

This solution is oriented to dealers, treasurers, controlling and back office staff of the bank, and allows to delimit treasury operations accounting by responsible departments (user groups), significantly reducing workload of personnel and correspondingly reducing the number of possible mistakes.

This system also serves as a tool for making a number of calculations required for performance of treasury operations.

The solution functionality covers a wide range of inter-bank market financial instruments: FX transactions, inter-bank credits, purchase/sale of cash funds and precious metals.

Platform and development tools

Trust::Treasury is developed on the three-tier architecture base. It has  an easy web-interface.

Server cluster is used to achieve high fault-tolerance:

  • IBM WebSphere 7.0 Netwok Deployment
  • Oracle WebLogic 11R2 (10.3.6 and higher)

Oracle Database 12.2 or its higher versions is used as a DBMS.

Oracle JDeveloper 11R2 is a development tool.

Operating systems:

  • Oracle Linux 5.5 and higher
  • Windows
  • AIX

Security in the system is provided with high end secure assets.

The system provides for the following functionality

1. Transaction processing:

  • MM
  • FX
  • Banknote operations
  • Precious metals

2. Implementation of ticket processing business cycle, from dealer to back office:

  • interface for down-loading transactions from Reuters
  • possibility of manual transaction input
  • down-loading of branch transactions from external system
  • control of limits availability by counteragent and by type of transaction
  • verification of transactions at the treasury
  • indication of correspondent accounts for incoming and outgoing payments under transactions
  • back office processing, downloading into the back office system

3. Calculation of payment position, net, trading result.

4. Formation of payment schedules, portfolio construction.

5. Analytical subsystem: preparation of reports on nostro accounts balances

6. Establishing, online-control, and utilization of limits

7. Maintenance of reference information (counteragents, general agreements, nostro accounts etc.)

8. Journaling of all the operations performed under transactions

Commercial opportunities provided for by this solution

  • Implemented functionality allows to service business process with minimum labour expenditures and resources
  • The system analytical tools and convenience of information representation help verifiers to make timely reasonable decisions with regard to transactions
  • Increase in the number of transactions concluded by a dealer due to saving of time necessary for processing thereof

Competitive advantages of this solution

  • Trust::Treasury - is a uniform system that allows to automate the whole set of treasury products, starting with conclusion of transactions till transfer thereof to the bank back office, it does not require any other applications in order to provide for functioning of this operating activity cycle
  • Integrated analytical tools allow to do accurate forecasts of expected financial flows
  • Availability of Web-interface makes it unnecessary to install the system at each user's workstation.
  • Trust::Treasury provides for support of program interfaces with several external systems, which allows to prevent reentry of data and therefore to reduce workload of the bank personnel
  • On-line system maintenance by the developer with the possibility to implement additional specific functions taking into account individual differences of business processes of every customer.
  • Readiness for integration into existing IT infrastructure.

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