[UPBS - Universal Payments Broker System]

UPBS - Universal Payments Broker System

CS Ltd offers banks a high-tech solution with the help of which your customers will be able to pay for utilities and other services via modern channels of remote banking servicing – mobile and online banking.

Universal Payments Broker System (UPBS) is a system of accepting and processing payments for utilities and provider services from individual customers of the bank.

The system core is an integration gate which interacts with provider online services and bank information systems enabling payments for services 24х7.

Technological advantages

  • Single point of integration of different client systems with external providers
  • Single mechanism of processing payments, generating reports on accepted payments and sending them to providers
  • Flexible setting of the list of billers and clearing schemes

Benefits for business

  • Customers can pay for services without visiting the bank branch
  • Bank saves its resources spent for customer servicing in the branch and is constantly expanding the list of billers, so it can charge additional fees
  • Billers receive payment for services much faster, they save time and labor efforts of operators accepting payments

Payments for services in online and mobile banking

Customers take advantage of the convenient interface for making payments for various services:

  • Utilities
  • Mobile phone services
  • Sales channels
  • IP telephony
  • Internet and TV
  • Security service
  • Education
  • Games and entertainment
  • Card replenishment
  • Other services

Functions available to customers:

  • searching for billers
  • requesting and receiving bills
  • paying for services from current accounts or cards
  • predefined payments
  • payment archive

Additionally there is a possibility to create regular payments for services (for example, monthly mobile phone top-up).

Biller smart search

Often it takes a long time to search for the biller and this discourages the customer.

Thanks to thoughtful interface organization it is enough for customers to enter at least three characters and the system will perform an end-to-end search and display the result.

Groups in which biller names with the specified characters are found will be highlighted.

Debt request

The solution makes it possible for customers to request information about their debts from billers. To receive this information customers only need to enter key bill parameters. Each biller has its own bill parameters, for example for utility payments it is a servicing enterprise code and customer personal account.

Depending on the provider settings the customer can be offered to pay for several services at once. Customers can enter tariffs, counter readings, specify the amount and select accounts or cards to pay from.

After the payment has been confirmed and sent, it will be in the payment archive.

System administration

The bank will have a flexible mechanism for adjusting parameters of the UPBS system so that it interacts correctly with the bank CBS and services of service providers.

The UPBS system administrator console includes the following features:

  • Setting agreement parameters
  • Adjusting the list of billers
  • Forming templates of payment purposes
  • Setting schedule of tariffs
  • Adjusting clearing schemes
  • Administrating reference books
  • Forming the list of sent payments
  • Operations with certificates of service delivery and acceptance
  • Generating customer payment receipts

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