IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

CS offers IT outsourcing expert services to provide enterprise IT system and infrastructure complex management:

  • Infrastructure audit and Consulting in your business specifics
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Custom Software Development, macro-system and tool engineering
  • Cost-efficient solutions, saving software-hardware complex matching to customer’s business needs
  • IT-landscape Optimization and Maintenance, Deployment of enterprise-level solution (Data Warehouse, BI Analytical system, HRM system, etc.), leading software and hardware vendors’ solutions
  • System Integration
  • Technical Support and Training

Our experts’ competencies enable to achieve your business successful management goals:

  • focus on your business strategy, while leaving the tactical to us
  • drive your IT-landscape operational efficiency and quality
  • lower the IT system optimization and maintenance costs
  • reduce possible risks and feel the true value and return from your investment
  • speed up your new business line start
  • increase your data storage security

Statistical Analysis

We offer statistical programming services for the pharmaceutical industry since 2002. We implemented about 200 successful clinical trials and worked with diverse sponsors from biotech startups up to post-marketing studies.

Our statistical development group provides a full spectrum of programming services:

  • Outputs for CSRs: tables, listings, figures
  • SDTM datasets, ADaM datasets, other analysis datasets
  • Exploratory and ad-hoc analyses
  • Validation of existing outputs, post-text and in-text tables
  • PK analysis
  • Data cleaning

Quality comes first. Our experience and proven procedures allow us to have speed development results, while maintaining uncompromised high-quality level:

  • independent QC
  • senior and code reviews
  • development of  validated sets of macros for standard analyses

We support our customers throughout the clinical trial process:

  • advice on statistical methods
  • designing statistical sections of the protocols
  • sample size estimate
  • Statistical Analysis Planning and execution
  • result interpretation for medical writers
  • meta-analyses and publication support

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