System Integration

While system deploying in our customer enterprises or banks, we run into lots of problems, caused with chaos in the IT-infrastructure with multitude of discrete systems, linked together anyway. Data is multiplicated in all the applications, that harms any business process and disables straight-through processing (STP). Such a complex is extreme to maintain, any new feature or system deployment, scalability or business-process changes may occur to be impossible.

To increase business management transparency, speed-up problem solving and respond market challenges the integrated platform is a must.

CS offers integrating services involving:

  • pre-project consulting, diagnostic and troubleshooting work to explore IT-landscape state and substantial problems in matching customers’ needs with existing products
  • develop complex integration strategy, intended reduce the cost-of-ownership
  • create a comprehensive and flexible solution architecture to link different systems and applications to act as a coordinated whole (ESB-integration is preferable)
  • deployment or designing of a customized enterprise applications: Core system, Data warehouse system, BI-system, HRM-system, etc.
  • IT-landscape upgrade, hardware and DBMS delivery, if needed
  • post-project consulting, software and hardware tuning

As a result of integration project you gain the SOA advantages:

  • system interaction transparency, integration of best-of-breed solutions within the core applications
  • business-process efficient management, STP between merged entities
  • cutting the costs of ownership and integration of any new solution
  • adding value to the system, extreme flexibility and new capabilities that become possible because of interactions between systems
  • the fastest access to data in the Data warehouse via any enterprise system
  • secure risk management, IT scalability and return from investment

The system integration utilizes a variety of techniques such as computer networking, servers and other hardware and requires manual programming as well. Due to our longstanding partnership with leading vendors, we can offer a solution variety for your business considering unique needs and cost-efficiency.

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